Frequently Asked Questions


Where will the students be staying?

Students will stay in bunked rooms, either in our dorm style rooms or in our resort style rooms that have been adjusted to accommodate up to 10 beds.

How many students will stay in each room?

Our rooms fit 8 students and 1 or 2 school chaperones.

How do you decide who sleeps in which rooms?

While we do require a ratio of 1:8 for chaperones to students, the school will decide which students and chaperones are roomed together.


What kinds of classes or activities will the students be doing?

Classes are dependent on time of year, group size, and availability, but include some of the following: Rocketry Class, Archery Class, Equine Studies, Zoology, and more!

Do students get to roam independently? Or is there a schedule?

Students will rotate with their cabin group through a predetermined schedule for all periods. Chaperones will stay with their group throughout the day, and help keep students on time to each class and activity.

What should they bring to their classes?

Students should bring a backpack with a writing utensil and a water bottle. They will be given a workbook during their stay, and should be prepared to carry it with them to all classes. Students should also arrive on the first day with long pants and closed toed shoes, as they may be participating in activities during the first day that require it.

Who teaches the classes?

Our trained instructors will be teaching all classes and activities. Chaperones and teachers will get a chance to participate and assist students, focusing more on being present and helping the students on a more individual basis. Learn more about our Wonder Valley instructors.

Health and Well-Being

What happens if someone gets sick or injured?

We have a licensed and certified RN or LVN on property during overnight trips dedicated to helping the students during their entire stay. They will be primarily focused on keeping everyone healthy and safe.

If a student shows signs of being sick, they will be kept in the health center until the school or parents are able to take them home. See how Wonder Valley prioritizes Health & Wellness.

What should I do with my child's medication?

All medication for overnight trips should be turned in to the medical staff upon arrival. All medications need to be properly labeled and documented prior to arrival. At assigned med call times, the nurse on staff will be responsible for making sure students get their appropriate medications.

What happens if someone is allergic to a certain food, like peanuts? Can you accommodate food allergies?

Yes! All food allergies must be documented on the parent paperwork ahead of time, so that our kitchen staff can properly prepare. We will work with the school and students to make sure that every student gets a full meal that is suitable to their dietary needs. 

What happens if my child misses home? Can I call them?

Our staff are well trained in how to help with missing home. We ask that students leave their phones at home, so that they can be fully present during their time here. Any situations that require a call home will be done at the school’s discretion.

Can I come and visit my child during their stay?

While we are conveniently located for parent pickup in case of illness or emergency, we do not allow parent visitation during your child’s overnight visit. This is not only for security purposes, but it can also be a distraction from their learning experience.

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