While museums offer valuable learning experiences, a vast world of outdoor destinations provides equally enriching educational opportunities for students! From National Parks for learning about wilderness survival to immersive ecological reserves for learning about food chains, these unique outdoor destinations offer hands-on learning experiences that develop curiosity, critical thinking, and a deeper appreciation for nature for all age groups. There are many advantages of nature-based outdoor education trips and activities that go beyond the confines of traditional field trips. Learn more about our on-site and off-site activities that help our students learn about the outside world!

National Park Field Trips

Since Wonder Valley Outdoor Education Center is based in the foothills of Sanger, CA, we like to take the opportunity to bring our students to the Great Parks such as Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Parks to provide immersive learning experiences that bring science to life. Students can participate in ranger-led programs, guided hikes, and interactive exhibits that deepen their understanding of ecology, conservation, and the environment in which we live. All of the features that students learn and experience at these National Parks help produce lifelong skills that come out of being involved in STEM or science camps.

Benefits of Field Trips for Children

Wonder Valley offers an outside excursion for students to look forward to beyond our outdoor education center because there are many benefits to incorporating field trips into a youth’s childhood. Field trips offer students hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that cannot be replicated within the classroom. By engaging with their surroundings firsthand, students can deepen their understanding of academic concepts and develop a deeper appreciation for the subject matter. Whether observing scientific phenomena in nature or exploring historical artifacts in a museum, the real-world context provided by field trips enhances comprehension and retention. Social interaction with other students about what they experienced or learned also helps improve lifelong communication skills.

Reptile Ron Animal Presentations

Not only do we have external tours for our students, but we also have guided tours by experts from other organizations who come to our outdoor education center for students to learn! Reptile Ron is known for very educational presentations about reptiles from all over the world in California’s Central Valley! These reptiles range from bearded dragons, tarantulas, scorpions, snakes, and many more species. Reptile Ron will make accommodations for students based on interests or comfortability. With these presentations, students see firsthand different reptiles that roam all parts of the world and how their food chains and ecosystems help these creatures survive. 

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Fresno Chaffee Zoo is another vendor that likes to visit our outdoor education center to teach and inspire students to learn to care for animals, build connections with these species, as well as find opportunities to save wildlife. We are lucky to have Fresno Chaffee Zoo come on-site to our education center to provide students with their knowledge and allow the students to connect regarding this experience!

Contact Wonder Valley Today

If you are interested in learning more about the on-site and off-site activities we have planned for our students that take place in the Central Valley Region of California, please call us at (800) 821-2801 or fill out a contact form. Our Outdoor Education Center is proud to serve Sanger and the surrounding areas of Fresno, CA.