Team Building & Leader Development

At Wonder Valley Outdoor Education Center located in Sanger, CA, our activities and programs are not only about learning new personal skills but also provide benefits to developing team-building skills and leadership development. Learning these desired skills at a young age can help the students understand time management, build confidence, and improve communication skills. 

We have a list of various leadership courses teens can participate in at our camp:

Leader Development Course Benefits

These courses at Wonder Valley are top-rated with our 7th and 8th grade students and they will learn and understand important skills and qualities that will help drive them to further succeed in the future. Learn the benefits of Leader Development and Team Building exercises at our outdoor camp can help your teen:

Time Management 

Students learn to prioritize tasks and manage their time effectively, a skill that is valuable not only in leadership but also in academic and personal pursuits. Courses such as canoeing can help students understand the importance of prioritizing certain tasks and the effects it can have if you rush to complete them or if you do not set organized goals. Depending on the status of the currents, this can affect how to paddle and students will have to adjust accordingly. Our team-building activities we offer also gives students a 1 hour time frame to complete a set task which not only involves key time management but also involves working well with other to prioritize and organize deliverables. 

Confidence Building 

Leadership courses instill confidence in children by providing them with opportunities to take on responsibilities, make decisions, and communicate effectively. Being able to have clear communication and conversation will not only help students learn more about each other, but it will also embed the skills on how to communicate face-to-face with other people and be more confident and comfortable in doing so. 

Communication Skills 

Students learn to express themselves clearly and listen actively, improving their communication skills. This can positively impact their interactions with peers, teachers, and family. Our team-building exercises and cultural differences program helps teens come out of their shells and better understand themselves, and the people around them. Our cultural difference course allows students to learn about societal norms and how to interact with people from different backgrounds. Groups will be divided into two societies – “Wondertown” and “Valley City” – where they must abide by certain cultural norms while learning how to interact.

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