Nature Dye

1 Class Period

Tie dye shirts hanging to dry.


Students learn the history of tie-dye through the techniques once used in the beginning days of color transferring. This knowledge will be used to make a keepsake of their lesson, with a souvenir t-shirt.

Educational Standards


Identify and describe characteristics of representational, abstract and nonrepresentational works of art.


Assemble a found object sculpture or mixed media two dimensional composition that reflects unity and harmony, and communicates a theme.


Identify and describe all the elements of art found in selected works of art (e.g. color, shape/form, line, texture, space, value)


Select specific media and processes to express moods, feelings, themes or ideas.


Explain the intent of a personal work of art and draw possible parallels between it and the work of a recognized artist.


Select a medium to use to communicate a theme in a series of works of art.

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